Space Force

In a brilliant move by the Trump Administration, my son, Donald, or boo boo bear, created a sixth branch of the military. The Space Force.

It is about as cool as it gets. We will have spaceships flying around space shooting laser guns at asteroids, Russian ships, the Deathstar and alien counterparts who are against the great American will.

Concerning nature surrounding the creation of a sixth military is the cost. The United States is in a terrible amount of debt already. The cost to build space ships armed with laser guns is estimated to be astronomical – not a pun on my words. To cut costs it is likely we will have cheap Mexican labor build the ships.

Mexican labor is cheap. Absolutely. It is about a cheap as labor as you can find. Once the “Wall” is up, there will likely be a sign on the wall saying, “No Mexicans allowed, unless you are here to build spaceships.” Or unless you brought free tacos.

Serious talk. Creating an extra branch of the military will create extra administrative costs that will rocket this country into more debt than it can handle. I’m all about creating the best weapons out there but is creating a Space Force the best way to do this? Maybe we just build spaceships under the Air Force.

In a positive light, creating a Space Force is like racing the Russian’s to the moon in the Kennedy era. It will reunite Americans. Instead of racing Russian’s the US government will be racing Elon Musk’s SpaceX or Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. In fact, I think Trump’s whole Space Force initiative is a stab directly at Jeff Bezos. Trump hates Jeff. Jeff hates Trump. This is a battle of the billionaires. A battle to space.



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