About – reader beware

Grab your frozen TV dinners. Crack open a cold coca-cola. Turn on the TV. Now blindly repeat after me.

“We have no individual thoughts. Individualism is a sickness – a disease. We are one and for all. We do it for the good of the group. Collectivism works. Collectivism is fair. Collectivism doesn’t hate, segregate or judge. Everyone is happy. We are happy.”

You are now under our control. Everything you do is for the benefit of all. Individualism is no more. Collectivism is what we work for – everyone is equal. You will not ask questions. You will not disobey. Your old name will be forgotten. It is lost in a dream. You are now called 017348. Repeat. 017348. It is a brave new world.

Everyone is happy now. You are happy. Equality is one and for all. No one is happier than the others. Happiness is neutral among us. This is for the better. This is for the best. We all eat the same thing. We all drink the same amount of water. We all live in the same houses. Our haircuts are all the same. You are me and I am you. We are one.

Our society works for the benefit of the social order. We do not work to benefit ourselves. Nothing is over-produced. There is no waste. There are no recessions. Technological advancement is forbidden. Technology created structural unemployment in the old times. We are sustainable now. Technology is not needed.

You don’t understand the word “I”. This has no meaning to you at all. We is our pronoun. We are one.

Books are forbidden. Everyone learns the exact same thing. Creativity is prohibited. Art makes people happy. We don’t allow one to be happier than others. If art is shown, we are all shown it.

Our society is fair. Our society makes sense. We only produce what we need. Personal utility is unknown – as with recessions, selected poverty and jealously.

You are told what to think. You are told what to produce. You are told what to eat. You are told how to act. You are happy. You are us. We are one.